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About Jahorina

jahorina skijanje In 1923 Jahorina brings the first skis and then started the progress of skiing in this area. After the World War II Jahorina had built it first modern lifts and hotels, which was a good condition for the organization of important international and European competitions. Jahorina is a Olympic mountain, because in 1984. the Olympic Winter Games were held on Jahorina. In recent years on Jahorina were built modern six seat ski lifts and there was intensive work in improving  ski slopes. The winter tourist center is located 12 km from Pale, 25 km from Sarajevo, 210 km from Banja Luka, 270 km from Podgorica, 290 km from Novi Sad, 320 km from Belgrade, 320 km from Split, 350 km from Zagreb. Ogorjelica is its highest peak, at 1916 m above sea level. Jahorina is a part of Dinaric Alps. In summer it is covered with green grass, and in winter up to 3 m of snow. Excellent terrain, plenty of very good quality snow, suitable climate, trails for alpine disciplines and gentle slopes (Paradise Valley) makes Jahorina among the most beautiful and famous ski centers. Guests have access to over 40 km of trails for alpine skiing, connected with three six-seat, two two-seat and four ski lift. Jahorina has a system for artificial snow. The surface for snowing is 102 900 m2. jahorina etno lokacija